Football Predictions Quiz 2020/21

Update 15th December 2020

After the first round of Champion League games and the League Cup progressing we have done the first update.

We have a clear leader at the moment, James Averill has 77 points followed by Sean Maher with 69. Then comes Alex Raspin & Roger Averill on 68, Thomas Barge on 67, Bob Gregory on 66, Colin Taylor on 65, Aaron Loe & John Hook on 64, Chris Dews on 63, Kev Odell,James Buckby & Mark Underwood on 62 and George Caddick & Jon Cox on 61 points. This can all change very quickly !


Please fill in the form, answer the questions and submit your predictions. Closing date for entries is 30th Sept.2020

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50% in prize money

50% to NTFC Trust

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