Our Mission Statement


  • To be open, democratic and inclusive in considering the needs and ideas of supporters
  • To promote and strengthen the bonds between NTFC, its supporters and the wider community
  • To safeguard a professional Football League club in Northampton 

Our commitment to our members

We commit to being democratic, open, inclusive and accountable to the membership. Annual elections will be held for membership of the NTFC Supporters Limited Board - a third of the posts being open to election each year. 

The position of Supporters’ Representative on the board of NTFC will be open to election of any NTFC Supporters Limited board member. 

To encourage at least two NTFC Supporters Limited members, who are not board members, and representation of other NTFC supporters groups who are in sympathy with our aims and objectives, to attend regular meetings of the board. 

Through effective and efficient governance and financial management we commit to sound management of members’ investment on a not-for profit basis. Our accounts are annually submitted for an Independent Reporting Accountant's Report.

Our commitment to NTFC and football in Northampton

We commit to supporting the aims and objectives of NTFC where, in the opinion of the board, these are not in direct conflict with the needs and best interests of supporters.