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It has been frequently said to me in the past that Club 250 was one of the Trust’s best kept secrets, we didn’t intend it to be so but somehow that’s where we ended up. The Club 250 took over from where the Cobblers Helpline left off. Set up in the dark days following the McRitchie debacle much needed funding to help keep the club afloat was raised.

Club 250 was formed with the idea that 250 members would take part for a £5 monthly stake, by Standing Order to win a prize. We have now relaunched as Club 500 and are actively trying to recruit new members.

If we can add to our current membership then we will be raising the level and number of prizes each month, which are currently £200, £100 and £25 per month. The odds are many times better than the Lottery in your favour and more money can be raised to help the Club we all support.

Please give it your consideration and join us if you can, if you are already a member please consider getting your friends and family to join.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.

Up the Cobblers,

Roger Averill Club 500 Organiser

As from May 2020 the 1st prize has been increased to £250, 2nd prize is £100 and the 3rd prize is £50 !


The winners for April 2022 are

£250 - A.J.Cooper of Devon, £100 - Alistair  Brooker of Northampton, £50  - Melvyn Johnson of Earls Barton ( Again !! Your round Melvyn !)

The winners for March 2022 are

£250 - John Mulcahy, £100 - M.Randall and £50 - Ian Welch, all of Northampton

The winners for February 2022 are

£250 - Anthony Stimpson of Midhurst, West Sussex, £100 - Steve Riches of Flore, £50 - Melvyn Johnson of Earls Barton

The winners for January 2022 are

£250 - Ant Collett, £100 - Steve White both of Northampton, £50 - C.Archer of Blisworth

The winners for December 2021 are

£250 - Helen Hickman, £100 - Tim Johnson and £50 - Katie Newberry, all of Northampton

The winners for November 2021 are

£250 - Phil Pengelly of Fareham, Hampshire,  £100 - Stewart Farmer of Higham Ferrers and £50 - A.Harris of Beckenham, Kent

The winners for October 2021 are

£250 - Tony Ball of Wollaston, £100 - Nick Fone of Kempston, Beds and £50- Deb Marshall of Long Eaton, Notts

The winners for September 2021 are

£250 - Catherine Lomax of Kilsby, £100 - Bill Craven of Daventry and £50 - Bob Payne of Northampton

The winners for August 2021 are

£250 - C.Rodhouse of Northampton, £100 - Steven Burdett of Northampton and £50 - Kerry Cotter of Wollaston

The winners for July 2021 are

£250 - Chris Baldwin of Bozeat, £100 - Justin Beckingham of Bugbrooke and £50 - RP Clarke of Northampton

The winners for June 2021 are

£250 - Chris Bull of Earls Barton, £100 - Marilyn Daniels of Northampton and £50 - Viv Lackey of Flitwick, Bedfordshire.

The winners for May 2021 are

£250 - Michael Hadland of Northampton, £100 - Shaun Hogben of Northampton and £50 - Peter Cook of Milton Keynes

The winners for April 2021 are

£250 - Mike Fuller of Thorplands, £100 - Geoff Cleaver of Earls Barton and £50 - John Gibbs of Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire















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