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Trust welcomes fan director election

23rd Sep 2021

The Supporters Trust welcomes the football club's decision to appoint a director from the existing fanbase.

The Trust was set up almost 30 years ago with the aim of giving Cobblers fans a distinct voice in their club.

This is a big step in the right direction and we hope that a clear, open and verifiable electoral process marks the beginning of a meaningful relationship between the club and its fanbase in terms of providing greater accountability and transparency.

We look forward to hearing more about the remit of the supporter's role on the board.

If the new director is to be truly independent, as specified in the announcement, it would be inappropriate for the Trust to formally nominate a candidate. 

However, any individual who chooses to stand, including any member of the Trust, does so with our blessing.

We will gladly meet with the successful candidate to share the views of our members.

At the request of West Northamptonshire Council, two councillors - one Conservative and one Labour - are this month being appointed as liaison representatives to the Trust at board level.

We would be happy to also extend a similar invitation to the club's fan representative.

Good luck to all candidates!

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