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Trust update: October 2020

17th Oct 2020

Annual General Meeting

The Trust board has decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting, scheduled for next month, to late January next year.
Information will be mailed out to members in due course and it is also hoped that the annual raffle will take place at the same time.


New officer appointments ratified

Bob Souster has been elected as the new vice-chair of the Supporters Trust, replacing Roger Averill.
Barry Collins, who was a member of the inaugural Trust board in 1992, has been elected as the Trust’s treasurer, replacing Trina Smith.

Barry will be assisted in the role by local businessman Bob Clarke, who joined the Trust board a year ago. Congratulations to all on their new appointments!


Trust board vacancies

We are keen to hear from passionate Cobblers fans who are prepared to get involved and help us to grow the Trust and help us strengthen our support of the football club.
We are inviting applicants to join the Trust board and in particular would welcome anyone with expertise in social media, communications, and fundraising.

The only formal requirement is that you are able to attend most of the Trust’s monthly meetings, currently held via Zoom, and that you are a member of the Supporters Trust. If you are interested, please contact us via our website, social media or email at


Project Big Picture

Cobblers chairman Kelvin Thomas spoke with board members this week to update them about the football governance and finance proposals currently under discussion.
The club was broadly in favour of Project Big Picture which was voted down by Premier League clubs, although the chairman believes this will come back to the table in a revised form.

The Trust is presently studying all proposals – including those promoted by the Football Supporters Association, MP Damian Collins and also the plan advanced by, among others David Bernstein, Gary Neville and Andy Burnham.

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