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Trust update: May 2020

15th May 2020

 ·        Face mask sales for charity

The Trust board met virtually to discuss the statement issued by the Community Trust declining the Supporters Trust’s offer of financial support from the profits of claret-and-white face masks which are on sale via our website.

The board agreed for the profits to go to a local health-based charity instead.

Members also agreed to review future funding streams in favour of the Community Trust at the appropriate time.


·        Trust’s financial backing for Community Trust’s befriending service

The Trust is currently financially supporting the Community Trust’s befriending service during the covid-19 crisis, as part of the #KeepCalmAndCobblerOn initiative.

The payments to the Community Trust are being made from the monthly profits of the Trust’s Club 500 fundraiser.

It was agreed that the profits handed over to the Community Trust would be reviewed after the third payment had been made.


·        Club 500

If you are not already a member of Club 500, please consider signing up and help boost Trust funds.

For just £5 a month, you have the chance to win substantial monthly prizes. The more people taking part, the bigger the cash prizes!

Details of the scheme can be found on our website – – or you can contact promoter Roger Averill for details at


·        Community Ownership

The board has agreed a blueprint for community ownership at Northampton Town FC.

The campaign document was prepared by the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) with submissions added by the Trust.

Once an amended and finalised document is received back from the FSA it will be sent out to Trust members for information and feedback.


·        Covid-19 crisis

We should know within the next week or so the future direction of football for the Cobblers and other Football League clubs as a consequence of the covid-19 health crisis.

The board has re-iterated its offer to the football club support in helping promote any fans-led funding initiative that the club may wish to bring forward.


·         Open meeting

The present restrictions on movement has resulted in the postponement of our scheduled open meeting.

Should restrictions ease in the near future, we will look to schedule an open meeting in the late summer.

This will be an opportunity for all Cobblers fans to meet the Trust board and discuss football finances, Sixfields development, community ownership, safe standing and any other matter that potentially impacts the future of the Cobblers.

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