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Trust update - October 2021

18th Oct 2021

Meeting with West Northamptonshire councillors

The Trust board welcomed West Northamptonshire Council liaison representatives Councillor Phil Bignell (Conservative) and Councillor Harry Barrett (Labour) to its monthly meeting. A full and frank discussion on the progress of the Sixfields land and stand deal followed. The councillors advocated adopting a more inclusive approach to find a way forward and will report back to the November meeting with suggestions as to how the Trust and football club should engage more effectively.

Board Secretary position

Helen Hickman is to step down as the Trust board secretary following the next Annual General meeting after 12 years in the role. We are therefore on the lookout for a new Board Secretary – if you are interested, please email us at for more information or to organise a chat. It is a non-director position which essentially involves taking minutes of board meetings and dealing with correspondence. The role is not tremendously time consuming, the busiest time involves the preparation for the AGM which is usually held during the winter months.

Board resignation and vacancies

Chris Payne has resigned from the Trust board which means there are a number of board vacancies going into the AGM, which is likely to be held in December or January. If interested, please email us at for further details. Applicants for a board position must be members of the Trust and be proposed and seconded by two other Trust members. Help us shape the Trust’s position on footballing topics locally and nationally!

Birthday celebrations

The Supporters Trust, the original democratic organisation representing football fans in this country, will celebrate its 30th birthday next January. We are planning a number of things to mark the milestone, among them a reunion event in Northampton featuring the class of 1992 towards the end of this season. We will ensure we don’t clash with the club’s own plans for their 125th anniversary. 2022 promises to be a busy year for Cobblers fans. Watch this space!

Football Conversation

This will now take place in November, with a clear focus on the outcomes of Tracey Crouch’s full report into football reform and thoughts on an infrastructure foundation.

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