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Trust statement on East Stand update

11th Jun 2020


"The deal on the East Stand has not been shared with the Supporters Trust and we have had only limited insight through freedom of information requests to Northampton Borough Council.

"Our reaction has to be constrained by the painful experiences of the last commercial arrangements that the council struck with the club, namely the £10.2million loan under the previous owners the Cardozas and the non-legally binding agreement with the present owners, which has seen no progress on delivering the East Stand from the owners' own funds.

"While clearly we welcome progress towards the completion of the East Stand, it should be on terms which do not compromise the interests of the football club and the local taxpayer.

"Given the still largely unrecovered sum of £10.2 million, we believe any deal has to have the support of the wider council and not least the local taxpayers, who have had to shoulder that shortfall.

"Any attempt to cloak this deal in 'commercial confidentiality', given the wretched history of this long-running saga, is entirely unacceptable."


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