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Trust news update: November 2019

11th Nov 2019

Meeting with NTFC

The Trust is hopeful of attending a meeting with the football club within the next few weeks.

Correspondence has been exchanged with a view to a meeting to discuss a number of issues raised by the football club and, not least, the future direction of Northampton Town FC.

The two parties have not met since January and we hope a constructive dialogue can soon be restored.

Community Ownership

The Trust board has finalised and approved a proposal for a future community ownership model for Northampton Town.

Details have been sent out to Trust members ahead of our annual general meeting, which will be held at Kingsley Park WMC on Thursday 28 November.

To correct some comments which have appeared on social media, the Trust has not scrapped the idea - what we have said is that this isn't the right time to actively pursue community ownership.

However, background work is still being carried out towards meeting that eventual goal.

Annual General Meeting

Trust members attending the AGM will be invited to discuss community ownership, and any other topics concerning the Trust, at a Q&A after the formal part of the meeting.

A number of board vacancies exist - interested members should return their nomination forms to board secretary Helen Hickman in time for the AGM.

Treasurer Trina Smith has also asked those members who have purchased raffle tickets to return tickets to any board member.

Trust website

The new Trust website - including a Q&A forum - should go live later this month, in time for the AGM.


The Trust has met with Tim Dunn, father of the late Cobblers fan Harry Dunn, who was killed in a road traffic accident near RAF Croughton in August.

We are hoping to have a Justice4Harry banner to display at Cobblers games within the next few weeks.

And we are also hoping to raise money for the Justice4Harry campaign at an upcoming home match - more details to follow shortly.

Club 500

If you do not already, please consider subscribing to the Trust's Club 500 monthly fundraiser which is going from strength to strength.

Increasing membership is enabling us to increase cash prize payouts - all money raised wil be used by the Trust to help protect the best interests of the football club.

To sign up for £5 a month, please contact organiser Roger Averill at

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