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Trust news update: April 2019

28th Apr 2019

NTFC Supporters Trust has met with Northampton Town Community Trust with a view to appointing a trustee to the NTFC Community Trust board. Board member Mick Ford's application is going forward

Asset Of Community Value for Sixfields (ACV)

Northampton Borough Council has finally agreed to ratify the listing of Sixfields Stadium and the former athletics track land behind the stadium's east stand as an Asset of Community Value.

Trust website

The Trust's website is being given a refresh - please give us constructive feedback by emailing

If you have any old Cobblers photos you are happy to share with other fans via the website, please send them to the above address.

Membership update

The Trust's membership currently stands at 765 - of that number, we have email addresses on file for 303 members.

We are aware that some of these addresses may be out of date - of those in date, many still require GDPR ratification.

There are presently 117 members who have given us permission to contact them by email.

We would ask members to email us at and give us permission for us to use that address for correspondence.

Community ownership model for Northampton Town FC

The Trust staged a successful public meeting to discuss a potential future community ownership model for the Cobblers.

Contributions to the meeting came from Nick Hawker at Exeter City, Ashley Brown from Supporters Direct/Portsmouth and local businessman Roy Crutchley of Phipps Brewery.

The Trust will evaluate all feedback with a view to bringing a future proposal together later in the year.

Club 500

The Trust is building its monthly fundraiser Club 500 - for £5 a month, you have the chance of winning some handsome monthly cash prizes and the more that are in the Club 500 draw the more you win! To sign up, please contact organiser Roger Averill at

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