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Trust appoints new board members and lawyers at latest board meeting

12th Nov 2015

Wednesday we know was not the day many Cobblers fans were hoping it to be – but the Trust is continuing to work behind the scenes to try and secure a more positive future for the football club.

We hope, given the update yesterday regarding the Petition for Administration, that supporters can fully understand just how complex this situation is. Our board has been working diligently with all parties to work towards an outcome that suits all of those parties.

The Trust has recently engaged an insolvency and corporate recovery expert, and at the latest Trust board meeting on Tuesday we strengthened the board by co-opting Kevin Simons and Tony Clarke onto the board.

Kevin’s research, hard work and expertise in a number of the issues we are facing has been invaluable over the last couple of months.

We are also delighted to be calling upon someone with the experience of Tony, who within the last fifteen years has served as a local councillor, MP, general manager of the football club and as the Trust’s supporters’ elected director.

We have also invited a number of our former supporters’ elected directors of the Trust to our latest board meeting, and we are grateful to them for all their advice.

Our final act of the board meeting on Tuesday evening was to appoint Larry George and James Gordon of Gordon’s Partnership LLP (Solicitors) as our lawyers.

Both Larry and James are very experienced commercial and corporate lawyers; Larry is also a CEDR accredited Mediator and a Solicitor Advocate and James is both an English Solicitor and an attorney and counsellor at law at the Bar of the State of New York; we know we are in extremely capable hands.

We understand and sympathise with fans’ frustrations that there hasn’t been a great deal of information to make public to them, but we would ask all fans to please consider that at these sensitive times negotiations are private – and the contents of those meetings have to be kept strictly confidential.

The Trust has to remain professional throughout this whole period, and as soon as we have been able to say anything to fans we have done so. This is something we will continue to do.

The Kelvin Thomas deal is clearly still in progress and we are waiting for further developments. The Trust hopes that any takeover is completed as soon as possible.

The Trust and NBC have also discussed what action may be required if it is not possible for the shares to be acquired by Kelvin Thomas - through a company called Northampton Town Ventures Ltd (NTVL).

Should this proposal fall through, then the Trust will work with the council and any other interested parties to find a way forward.

Finally a number of Trust board members are planning to attend the High Court on Monday for the HMRC hearing.

The Trust, by asking Northampton Borough Council to object to the hearing – which it will alongside the Petition for Administration – has done everything in its power to ensure that the hearing will be adjourned. The final decision however, ultimately lies with a judge.

Please continue your fantastic support of the players and staff, and make every effort to go to the Mansfield game at Sixfields this weekend. Every single supporter can be extremely proud of how we have all united – let’s continue that on Saturday and keep the faith.

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