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Statement: Public meeting to discuss community ownership

21st Jan 2019


NTFC Supporters' Trust is to hold a public meeting to discuss community ownership models for the Cobblers.

The meeting will be held in the near future and further details will follow shortly.

It is our intention to assess community ownership models, including hybrid public/fan ownership, that are a suitable fit for Northampton Town Football Club.

The Trust requests that:-

  • the football club bears this in mind with regard to any negotiations to sell the club.
  • all potential purchasers of the club consider a hybrid private/fan-owned model for the football club and the opportunities that this presents.
  • Northampton Borough Council acknowledges the Trust’s intention to investigate community ownership models for the football club in relation to its negotiations with the club over Sixfields stadium and the surrounding land.

With regard to last week's joint statement from the football club and the council, it is encouraging that positive discussions are continuing and the Trust fully appreciates that both parties are dealing with a complex situation.

However, the secrecy surrounding the negotiations is far from ideal and the Trust would welcome the public release of more detailed information at the earliest opportunity.

With the verdict of the Council’s civil case against the football club’s former owners David and Tony Cardoza due shortly, public scrutiny will again fall on our town and club.

We would remind the council that, for this reason alone, any deal with NTFC/CDNL is clearly in the wider interest of not just the Trust but the taxpayers in general and, as such, it should be open to public scrutiny. 

Northampton Town Supporters’ Trust is the democratic supporters’ organisation for fans of Northampton Town FC. Members of Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation.


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