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Statement on proposed European Super League

19th Apr 2021

The Northampton Town FC Supporters Trust board is disappointed, but not surprised, to learn of the proposed formation of a new European Super League to include six of English football's biggest clubs.

As we feared with Project Big Picture it is clear that these clubs, all under overseas ownership, are determined to forge a football structure which will inevitably threaten the whole football pyramid in England and further entrench TV rights income in a small cabal of franchises.

The plan would see the Super League play midweek matches in Europe while the 'Big Six' have proposed that they would still participate in the EPL on the weekend.

The implications are obvious - ever more enlarged Super League squads, and a subjugation of the EPL to B league status.

Just as we have witnessed these same clubs seemingly determined to force a B league further down the pyramid, starting with their U21s participation in an EFL cup.

Concentration of TV rights income with those Big Six clubs will widen the financial gap in the EPL, and the divisions below, and likely force the EFL towards part time or, worse, amateur status.

We sincerely hope that the overseas owners of NTFC fully reconsider their previous support for Project Big Picture, of which the European Super League concept is an inevitable outcome, and join the many voices across English football in outright opposition and condemnation of this proposal.


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