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Statement: NTFC Community Trust

15th May 2020

Northampton Town Community Trust has informed us that they, and Northampton Town FC, have no plans to bring face masks to the market as they have concerns about the standards applied to their manufacture.
As such, the Community Trust has declined the Supporters Trust's offer of making the profits from the sales of our claret-and-white face masks available to them.
We will now donate the profits from the sales of the face masks to a local health-based charity.
A statement issued by the Community Trust implied that the Supporters Trust were promoting the sale of face masks which were maybe not of an acceptable standard.
We have been quite clear in our communication to potential buyers that the face masks on offer are not medical masks.
They are not manufactured to the specification of protective equipment required for use within clinical environments.
However, they are wholly acceptable as they will help stop you touching your face, reinforce social distancing and will also help with catching coughs and sneezes.
The manufacturer of the masks also has Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Trust and other sports clubs affiliates as customers and there are no issues around manufacturing standards and associated reputational damage.
The masks are £9.99 plus £1.50 postage and packing, all profits to charity.
They can be ordered via the following link:-


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