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Statement - Tonight's WNC Cabinet meeting

8th Mar 2022

West Northamptonshire Council's Cabinet is due to meet tonight and perhaps finally make a decision on the sale of land around Sixfields stadium, including the long-overdue completion of the stadium's East Stand.

The Supporters Trust has written to council leader Jonathan Nunn reflecting the statement below and its continuing concerns…


The Supporters Trust has not as yet received an acknowledgement or reply to our letter to you from 18 February in respect of the Sixfields East Stand and land development deal in progress and due for decision at tomorrow's Cabinet meeting.

What is the updated red book valuation for the land under consideration? - it remains unclear in the papers going before Cabinet tonight.

Also, what was the outcome of the questions you summarised at our meeting with you and other council leaders on February 11? We have heard nothing back.

We are extremely disappointed with the lack of communication and the absence of the full transparency that was promised around this process.

All we can do is trust that West Northamptonshire Council has carried out full due diligence in respect of the parties with an interest in this deal.

Trust that the fullest scrutiny has been afforded to councillors around this process and its complexities.

And trust that the club's medium and long-term future will be properly safeguarded by ensuring that only development which directly benefits the football club and its communities will be allowed on the land covered by the Asset of Community Value.

This is a vital decision for the town of Northampton and the future of its association football club. 

Please do not let us down.

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