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Public vote backs football reform

31st Mar 2021

Northampton’s footballing public have clearly endorsed the views of Supporters Trust members on football reform during our month-long Football Conversation.

A survey sought views on footballing matters relating to both the club and the wider English game with respondents firmly believing that changes need to be made to ensure that all clubs become sustainable, transparent and are subjected to independent regulation around governance and financial process.

The results of the survey, which was conducted between March 1 and March 28, are as follows:-

1) Funding of football needs to be re-evaluated to ensure all clubs can operate on a sustainable basis?

Strongly Agree – 66 per cent

Agree – 27

Neither Agree or Disagree – 4

Disagree – 1

Strongly Disagree – 2


2) All football clubs should be required to operate to increased levels of transparency in governance and finances, in the wider interests of shareholders and supporters?


Strongly Agree – 59 per cent

Agree – 29

Neither Agree or Disagree – 7

Disagree – 4

Strongly Disagree – 1


3) Football clubs should be subject to strict independent regulation to ensure they are exercising the required governance and financial controls?


Strongly Agree – 50 per cent

Agree – 40

Neither Agree or Disagree – 7

Disagree – 1

Strongly Disagree – 2


4) The Supporters Trust should continue its exploration of a potential future ownership model for Northampton Town FC (including the well-established 50+1 structure in Germany) in the event of the club once again finding itself in crisis?


Strongly Agree – 40 per cent

Agree – 32

Neither Agree or Disagree – 12

Disagree – 8

Strongly Disagree – 8


5) Northampton Town FC's infrastructure - essentially its stadium, training and commercial facilities - is in urgent need of improvement?


Strongly Agree – 57 per cent

Agree – 29

Neither Agree or Disagree – 7

Disagree – 5

Strongly Disagree – 2


The Football Conversation formed part of the Trust’s engagement with stakeholders and supporters throughout the month of March.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey – the conversation will continue into April so any comments made as part of the survey can be drawn out.

We are also still awaiting the views of a couple of Northamptonshire MPs.

A report will be compiled into the findings of the survey and associated feedback and will be sent to the Football Supporters’ Association to help inform the ongoing discussions the FSA is having with the Government and other stakeholders on football reform.

We will also be sharing the findings with Northampton Town Football Club and hope that the club will join the conversation.

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