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Membership doubled since Club 500 relaunch

19th Jun 2020

Membership of our Club 500 fundraiser has doubled since its relaunch almost two years ago.

A big thank you to all those Cobblers fans who contribute at least £5 a month to help raise funds for the Trust and, in recent months, Northampton Town FC's Community Trust.

The rise in members has enabled us to raise our monthly prizemoney pot still further - the more there are in, the bigger the win!

The monthly first prize now stands at £250, second prize is £100 and third prize pays out £50.

You stand a much better chance of winning some money on Club 500 than you do on the National Lottery.

So if you are not a member, please consider signing up!


Details of the scheme, formerly Club 250 and before that the Cobblers Helpline in the early days of the Trust, can be found on our website –

Alternatively, please can contact promoter Roger Averill for more details at


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