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Letter of thanks to Councillor Mary Markham

12th Mar 2021

In the wake of the recent KPMG external auditor report into Northampton Borough Council's loan to Northampton Town Football Club, the Trust has written a letter of thanks to former NBC leader Mary Markham.


Dear Cllr Mary Markham

In light of the recent Public Interest Report from KPMG into the 'missing millions' Northampton Borough Council loan to Northampton Town FC, the Supporters Trust would like to place on record our thanks to you personally.

While the Trust was at the time, and remains to this day, completely dismayed as to how this situation was allowed to develop, we recognise that you had the thankless task of leading the Council and rebuilding its reputation in the immediate aftermath of the loan fallout.

Once the gravity of the situation was known, we recall your hard work as Leader and that you appreciated and understood the importance of a Football League team to the town of Northampton.

And that subsequently, with dignity and professionalism, you made bold decisions to ensure the continuing existence of the club.

We wish to record our thanks and gratitude for your efforts in this regard.

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