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Join in our Football Conversation!

1st Mar 2021

The Supporters Trust is this month inviting you to join in with our Football Conversation.

Below is a link to a brief survey and we would love to hear your views about local and national topics – it is aimed at Cobblers fans primarily but also at anyone who takes a more than passing interest in English football.

There are many ways to make your views known and hopefully the month ahead will prove there are no limits to the topics under discussion.

As part of the Trust’s wider engagement, we are looking to involve as many people as possible and your views will help shape our discussions with the Football Supporters’ Association, who are representing fans in discussions over the reform of English football.

How can you join the Football Conversation and register your viewpoint?

You can:-

·         Complete the brief survey via Survey Monkey – we will publish the results at the end of the month.

·         Visit the forum section of the Supporters Trust website – – register and post

·         Raise specific issues or questions by email –

·         Raise specific issues or questions by post – write to Football Conversation, 22 Bective Close, Northampton NN2 7FE

·         Join in the discussions on social media forums, where different topics will be posted each day

All we ask is that discussions be polite and respectful and, where possible, constructive! We also hope to bring forward Zoom meeting discussions and podcast debates as the month unfolds.

Look forward to hearing from you!



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