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Further update following BBC Radio Northampton interviews

7th Sep 2015

Following the appearance of our supporters’ elected director Andy Clarke on BBC Radio Northampton this afternoon at 5pm – the Trust would like to offer some clarifications on issues that have been raised by supporters following the broadcast.

 A number of fans heard Andy say that the Trust has not ‘specifically’ asked any questions of David Cardoza – which was aired following a pre-recorded interview with the chairman.

 We know some fans have interpreted this to mean that the Trust has not asked any questions of David Cardoza throughout the period of the redevelopment or the proposed takeover.

 We can confirm that Andy’s answer to the Trust not submitting any ‘specific questions’ was purely in relation to the #WeWantAnswers campaign. These questions were self-generated by fans in an online campaign – and as such were not directly submitted questions to the chairman by the Trust this week. They are questions however that we back receiving an answer to.

 It is worth pointing out however that a number of the questions which have been raised in the #WeWantAnswers campaign were raised by the Trust in a statement it released on July 17 – which can be found by clicking here and features specific questions asked by the Trust addressed to the chairman.

 Andy has regularly tried to find out more information about issues off the field in direct discussions with David Cardoza – and asked questions in a bid to find out more information which could reassure supporters.

 Mr Cardoza also commented that the Trust has never asked him for a meeting. To clarify this matter, we absolutely stand by our statement that was released on Sunday evening, which states that Andy Clarke contacted the chairman to request a board meeting – and that upon contact with James Whiting the chief executive no notification had been made to hold a board meeting.


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