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Details for #WeWantAnswers protest on Saturday

9th Sep 2015

Northampton Town Supporters' Trust can now confirm some further details of the #WeWantAnswers protest on Saturday.

Fans will be congregating at 1:30pm on Saturday at the bottom of the steps to hand out leaflets. Approximately 3,000 will be printed.

A number of fans will also be distributing leaflets in Carr's Bar and the Sixfields Tavern.

A media opportunity will take place at 1:50pm at the top of the steps for photographs and interviews with Trust members and other fans.

NTFC fans will be encouraged to hold up their leaflets and chant 'We Want Answers' in the 12th minute of the match - and after that encourage the team as much as they can! 

Tomorrow the Trust will be releasing an open letter to the prospective new owners of the club.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. So much time has been put in by many people this week and it is only right to applaud their efforts.


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